Auto Air Conditioning

We keep you cool!

We provide you with a thorough evaluation of your Air Conditioning System when you bring your vehicle in for service. This allows us to find out why your vehicle is not blowing cool air the way it should. Some of the things we check include the following:

  • We check the belt to ensure it is working properly
  • We check the compressor operation and fill the Freon, if needed
  • We check for leaks when needed

All of these steps allow us to identify the problem and get your air conditioning running again so you can stay cool!

We also offer a Mist Service to control mold, mildew and odors inside your cars A/C vent system.

Visit this link to view actual news clips about this service and it's benefits. This service is especially good for those with allergies: Mist Healthy Air

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Air Quality Mist Service

To kill the germs, mold and mildew built up in your air conditioning system.