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STOP that squeaking!

A Squeak is a very good indicator that you should have Avant's look at your brakes, but it does not always mean you need brakes. If someone had done them in the past, it may be they did not perform the job correctly. They may have cut corners to either give you a low ball price or to inflate their profit. The only way to really resolve this is to live with the noise until you need brakes again or do the job right all over again. Resurfacing the rotors at the time of replacing the pads is the only (right) way to do the job. If not done at the same time, there is no way we can warranty against squeaks.

Disc brakes and drum brakes are the commonly used braking systems in cars. To stop the wheel, friction material in the form of brake pads (disk system) or Shoes (drum system) mounted on a device called a brake caliper (disk system) or wheel cylinder (drum system) is forced against both sides of the disc or drum. Friction causes the disc or drum and attached wheel to slow or stop. Over time, these mechanisms wear down and the brake pads/shoes need to be replaced. If you wait too long and the pads/shoes wear down too far, the rotors/drums may need to be replaced.

Other problems that you can have with your brakes are a very low or spongy pedal. This means there's likely misadjusted rear brake shoes or there could be air in the hydraulic lines of your car's brake system. If your brake peddle pumps up hard and then slowly goes down, you either have a brake fluid leak or the master cylinder may be bad and letting the fluid bypass the internal seals in the master cylinder.

You should have your brake pads checked periodically for wear to avoid more expensive repairs. When you bring your vehicle in for an oil change or other maintenance work, we check them out for you and let you know how much wear is left.

One last note: All brakes jobs are not the same. We take the time at our shop to do them right the first time, on time, everytime. We clean and lube all the caliper slides and make sure you stop fast straight and that the brake job will give you good performance for a long time to come.

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