Avant's takes care of all your car repair service needs

Preventative Maintenance: for the health of your car

Our experienced auto repair service mechanics will keep your vehicle in top condition. Avant's Auto Repair uses the most current diagnostic technology, providing high quality service with quick turnaround.

The right care and regular service is important for the health and longevity of your car. We have customers with over 200,000 miles on their car, but they didn't get there by neglecting their recommended maintenance schedules. We offer all of the preventative maintenance services your car will ever need in it's lifetime.

auto repair

Avant's Auto Repair Services are backed by 12 month/12,000 mile Warranty

Typical factory maintenance includes:

  • fluid changes
  • brakes
  • tires
  • coolant
  • belts and hoses

Some other services that we recommend are:

  • throttle body cleaning
  • battery terminal service
  • differential service
  • transmission fluid changes
  • cabin air filters
  • air conditioning mist service

"We Fix it Right the First Time, On Time, Every Time!"

Honest and reliable workmanship on all foreign and domestic vehicles.

Lonnie Avant